Helping your employees understand cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major issue in our time, especially given the latest cyber security trends that reveal an increased threshold of potent cyber threats. As a business, it is highly advisable to implement cyber defensive measures that target reducing the threshold of threats. Measures should focus on helping the employees to understand the whole concept of cybersecurity and how they can contribute to making the business safe.


  1. Start with a ground-up training


The first thing to do is to introduce the entire concept of cyber security and cyber threats in the business through a comprehensive ground up training. The training should focus on defining cybersecurity and the various thresholds of cyber threats that the business faces.  Consequences of exposure to cyber insecurity to the business should also be well explained. Different competent cybersecurity measures that can be part of the solution to the problem should also be introduced to the workers.


  1. Using demonstrations


Sometimes, workers can find it hard to understand a new concept that is theoretically explained to them. To make it more realistic, the employees should be exposed to a live and practical demonstration of the various common cyber threats. For instance, setting a malware to phish out sensitive business information and using the same information for malicious purposes can help reinforce ideas on workers.


  1. Creating a cyber-security plan


The entire concept of cybersecurity cannot be complete without creating a business cyber-security plan that outlines, among other things, the business’s approach to cybersecurity and the various measures put in place to prevent cyber infringement. The plan should be developed in consultation with the various professional IT consultants and the employees. The plan should also outline a comprehensive response framework on what should be done after a suspected cyber-attack.


  1. Evaluations and progressive training


After the implementation of the plan and making sure that every employee is competent, evaluation should be done on the employees’ ability to understand and uphold the various values and structures put in place to prevent cyber-attacks. Various loopholes identified within the system should be promptly patched, and the employees retrained. The progressive evaluations are crucial, especially given the fact that cybercriminals regularly update their cyber weapons.